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Get your AC replacement done by Slasor Heating & Cooling in Livonia MI
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Get your AC replacement done by Slasor Heating & Cooling in Livonia MI Get your AC replacement done by Slasor Heating & Cooling in Livonia MI Get your AC replacement done by Slasor Heating & Cooling in Livonia MI


"We just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your prompt response to our call on January 22nd, 2013 (the coldest day of the year) for an emergency furnace repair.  Your service technician, Kevin, was very professional, explaining the work that needed to be done and then having everything done very quickly.  He and your office staff were also very helpful in contacting our furnace manufacturer to check on the warranty.  We were delighted to find out that the part in question was covered, saving us quite a bit of money.

We will certainly recommend your company to our family and friends.

~Paul and Karen W.~  Livonia

"I absolutely MUST share my experience with Slasor:


Slasor is the Best Pick. They exceeded my expectations incredibly.  The work was done on time and to specifications; unexpected problems were addressed and solved within 24 hours. Competitive price. The final product is neat, properly installed up to code, tested and clean. It looks like a work of art- clean lines, no clutter. We have much more space around the whole system than before, even thought our new return is much wider than the old one, with a humidifier added on that side to boot. I don’t know how they did it but it is amazing. Our second floor is now evenly cool, and matches the temperature of the first floor, which we never had before.


Our 22-year-old furnace had seen a few repairs over the past 3 years and finally this summer it broke for good– our blower motor burned out, which means that in this unbearably hot weather we were left without air conditioning. We  started to shop around for the most reputable heating and cooling company. We got quotes from 15 different companies and thought we had our decision made, but decided at the last minute to get one final quote from Slasor. It was a stroke of luck. Slasor was the only company that offered to do temporary repairs on our old furnace while we waited for the project to get underway, which meant we wouldn’t have to suffer through the heat. Not only that, they had the best quote of all the ones we got. We signed the contract on Friday morning, and by noon an installer arrived at our door to patch up the old furnace. He left a bill for the job he completed in case we changed our mind about the more extensive new gear and wanted another company. On the agreed date 2 technicians came to our house at 8:00 a.m. sharp. They covered the floor with tarp and started working.  When they removed the old furnace, it was instantly clear we had to address another issue– the evaporator coil’s  drain pan [the metal pan which collects water when the air conditioning is working, located directly above the furnace] got rusted out to the point where it grew holes and start dripping water onto the old furnace. Since the air conditioning unit was as old as the furnace and the company that originally made the pan, SnyderGeneral, stopped producing replacement parts, we had limited options on getting a replacement. Craig spend the whole day on the phone with various manufacturing companies and parts dealers trying to find a pan that would fit. After a while it became clear that the measurements we had weren’t standard so it would be difficult, if not impossible, to get a ready-made pan. Slasor’s shop made us a custom pan to install under the existing one, which they cleaned and treated, then tested for durability and waterproofing. The very next day they completed the job. I wish I had taken pictures before and after. The difference was incredible."

~Alec and Viktoriya S.~
West Bloomfield
"I recommend you hold onto your workers. Pete and Kevin did a commendable job. They were polite, and quiet (didn't even wake the sleeping residents). The completed work looks neat and secure; all old fittings and material were cleaned up.
Mike also has been out here and at my dad's. He too in an employee to retain.
My dad's favorite part of the furnace and A/C is the thermostat. He says he can read it from a mile away, and the setting feature is a breeze for him, he likes the accuracy of it.
The young lady who answers the phone is also always polite and obviously gets the messages to the appropriate employees.
Thanks for doing a great job."
~Dianne M. ~ Livonia
"As always Slasor stands ready to make sure their customers have heat no matter the time of day - or night!  Thank you for truly caring, competent and wonderful service"                                         
 ~ Annette G. ~ West Bloomfield
"The furnace is working beautifully and is extremely quiet.  This is a real plus as it is located directly under the bedroom but also nice while watching TV or working in my home office.  After 18 years with the old furnace I thought I'd gotten used to the sounds when it came on, now I can hardly believe I put up with them for so long.
I am also enjoying the Trane Clean Effects more than I thought I would.  Originally it was a borderline decision for me as I do not have allergies.  Now I find I can do any kind of cooking and within the hour it's impossible to tell.  At all times the air has a neutral freshness that makes it very nice to be spending more time indoors.
I also would like to compliment the Slasor crew who installed the equipment.  They were positive, professional and polite.  No matter how many  HVAC installations I may have done in my work, it is always different when its for your own home."         
 ~Deborah D. ~  Ypsilanti
"The project went very well.  It took the team 1 day to remove the old system and install the new one.  The crew was on time, professional, and completed the job as scheduled.  All debris was hauled away and the basement swept.  The team leader Pete walked me through the operation of the system before leaving.  He also walked me through the paperwork (Trane rebate, city permit, tax credit form, etc.) which they had completed for me and only required my signature - couldn't have been easier.  They even mailed the rebate in for me.  Also appreciated the fact that the estimates they provided me also reflected Trane rebate amounts and energy tax credits.  Good Job!!!  The will also be back next year to check on the system at no charge."      
~Jim K. ~   Farmington Hills
"My wife and I thank your office person, Julie, and your technician, Larry, for the prompt, courteous and professional help in getting our furnace repaired this morning.  We especially appreciate Larry's expertise and advice.  We will certainly look to you in the future for our furnace needs and will be happy to recommend you."  
~George B. ~  Livonia
"Our overall experience with the entire process was outstanding.  From the estimate phase, selection process, to the installation we were very impressed.  Craig was very knowledgeable.  The installers were great."  
~Ralph O. ~  Livonia
"I just wanted to pass along that the Dearborn City Inspector came and checked the work and I can quote him saying that he was amazed at the professional level of work.  He went on and on about what quality work it was and how delighted he was to see it.  So, thanks again."   
~Jeff M. ~  Dearborn
"The air conditioner and higher cold air returns that your company installed really make a difference in keeping both the upstairs and downstairs at the same temperature.  It is like a totally different house.  Both my wife and I appreciate your company's promptness and professionalism while installing the furnace and air conditioner.  My wife was really impressed with your employees politeness and work ethic.  I appreciate the amount of time you took to explain the operation of the furnace, air conditioner, and especially the thermostat."
~Ed R. ~   Farmington Hills
"Just wanted to thank your crew for the work they did.  They did a great job and left no trace that they were ever here.  Everything appears to be working well and I'm amazed at the difference in the air quality.  I couldn't be happier about the heat run in the bathroom.  It turned out better than I ever could have hoped."
~Denise E. ~   Northville
"Today the Westland inspector approved the installation of our new furnace and air conditioner.  He stated that Slasor doesn't do that much work in Westland, but the work they do is great.  I was impressed with the caliber of the crew that removed and installed the new HVAC equipment.  They worked as a team that only other companies wish they could.  At the end of the day, everything was left clean and orderly with no signs of a mess.  Please pass my compliments to the team for a job well done.  Thanks for the overall professionalism displayed by Slasor Heating & Cooling, Inc."
~Gene S. ~     Westland
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