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Get your AC replacement done by Slasor Heating & Cooling in Livonia MI Get your AC replacement done by Slasor Heating & Cooling in Livonia MI Get your AC replacement done by Slasor Heating & Cooling in Livonia MI

Arzel Zoning Products


Arzel Zoning Systems
Solution-based Comfort.
Arzel Arzel® has been the industry leader for the latest in retrofit zoning products. We have also dedicated ourselves to confronting the challenges posed by the ever-changing face of HVAC technology. Our research and development focus has been, and always will be, specific to zoning products. Our product lines include dampers for all sizes and configurations of ductwork. We have developed the HeatPumPro™, which is the industry’s first integrated control panel and zoning solution for high efficiency heat pumps. We also now have the Zonocity™ kit, which is our zoning control package designed for small duct, high velocity (SDHV) systems.

Arzel's warranty coverage is the best in the industry. All our panels are covered for five (5) years and our dampers are covered for ten (10) years under a full parts, labor and markup warranty. All Arzel ® warranties are transferrable and stay with the equipment.

Arzel's product reliability is only one of the reasons contractors who use Arzel® once end up staying with our system. We pride ourselves on superior customer service throughout every step of the process. In addition to selling directly to licensed HVAC contractors, we have several distributors across the country so no matter where you’re located you can get the product you need in a timely fashion. We also staff a toll free help line for contractors to get assistance with design, installation questions and technical assistance.


® Series

The AirBoss

® zone control takes command of heating and cooling equipment. Features include built-in LAT monitoring which provides additional staging controls and a built-in fossil fuel kit. The panel's Energy Conservation Cycle utilizes residual conditioned air to maintain equipment efficiency.

Available in 2- 3- 4- 6- and 8-zone configurations.

200 MPS™ Series

The MPS™ Series Panel is a proven, rock-solid control system for basic zoning applications with similarly sized zones. This panel controls single stage or basic heat pump systems.
Available in 2- and 3-zone configurations.

HeatPumPro™ Series

The HeatPumPro™ is the industry's first zoning solution designed to maximize heat pump and dual fuel system performance. SmartStaging™ controls equipment capacity based on either thermostat demand or variable load requirements. Zone weighting matches cfm output to available duct capacity, minimizing bypass requirements. Available in 2- 3- and 4-zone configurations.


The AloneZone™ is a stand-alone panel that provides an economical solution to the overconditioning of a specific area without interfering with equipment control. The AloneZone™ operates by monitoring the HVAC equipment’s mode of operation and closes dampers in the controlled area once its thermostat set point is reached.

Zone Interface Panel

Now you can open up your retrofit market when using IntelliZone™
1 or Harmony™2 controls that interface with ECM motors. The Zone Interface Panel will integrate those controls with our reliable, insertable, air-driven dampers.
Available in 4- and 8-zone configurations.

Zonocity™ Series

An Arzel

® Zonocity™ zoning kit will provide multi-thermostat control to create individual comfort zones and complete the comfort package for contractors looking to add zoning to SDHV (Small Duct, High Velocity) systems. Available in 2- and 3-zone configurations.

Includes: zoning panel, trunk dampers and tubing.

Zone Valve Interface / ZVI™

The Arzel

® ZVI-Control™ allows you to interface zoned cooling with zoned hydronic heating. Be the only contractor to quote one heating and cooling thermostat per zone without worrying about the details on how to interface the controls. The ZVI-Control™ simplifies the control wiring to eliminate the usual wiring headaches.

Fresh Air Control Technology / FACT™

The FACT™ option allows you to control the introduction of fresh air into the HVAC system. You can bring in a fixed amount of air with any equipment operation or only when outdoor conditions are favorable. The FACT™ system helps improve indoor air quality without increasing energy consumption during extreme conditions.

SmartSlave™ Zone

The SmartSlave™ Zone opens and closes dampers to regulate temperature and ventilation in zones not requiring control of the equipment. The SSZ™ compares the thermostat call to the current equipment output. If they match, it will provide air to the zone. Otherwise the zone will not be served. The SSZ™ acts as a slave to the system, not any particular zone.

EzySlide™ Dampers

EzySlide™ Dampers eliminate the need to take down or redesign the existing ductwork. The insertable design gives the dampers incredible flexibility and offers a solution for whole home comfort in the retrofit market.

The Regidamper®
The Regidamper
® allows for easy damper installation in previously difficult situations. Using UL registered plenum rated tubing the airline is fished back through the ductwork and the damper slips easily into your register boot. Instead of the standard Arzel ® actuator, the Regidamper® features a patented low-friction air cylinder. The Regidamper ® works with standard Arzel® EzySlide™

Dampers, so you can mix and match damper types to fit any zoning applications.



This unique damper can be easily applied to counterflow slab applications as well as being installed through a round duct takeoff making retrofit zoning a snap! Just make an access hole in the trunk and insert the dampers into each run. The dampers are held in place by Arzel’s patented Internal Damper Clamp.

Barometric Bypass Dampers

The low cost, low tech solution to control bypass air. Arzel's weighted-arm, barometric damper floats open as the static pressure increases. It is recommended for systems with 2 or 3 zones where the zones are relatively equal in size.

Automatic Bypass Control

Monitors static pressure within the ductwork. Provides non-modulating control for systems with vastly different size zones or higher static supply pressures. Uses any EzySlide™ damper.
Available on AirBoss
® control panels.


The ModuPASS™ allows you to dial in a stable maximum static pressure. It provides more even static pressure control and is specifically designed for variable speed (ECM) blower applications. The ModuPASS™ allows you to adjust your pressure range from .05" wc to 1.0" wc. Available in 8”, 10” and 12” kits. Also available is the Universal ModuPASS

® as a stand-alone modulating bypass control to retrofit an existing electro-mechanical zoning system with a variable speed (ECM) blower.

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